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Monday, 8 March 2021

The epidemic / second wave is now nearing completion, but the third wave may come from this date

Inflation has hit Gujarat. Slowly prices are rising rapidly.

  • The rise in edible oil prices is unchanged
  • Today it rose again by Rs
  • As the demand for oil increases, so does the price

In Rajkot, the rise in edible oil prices is unchanged. Singtel has risen by Rs 25 in 3 days. On Saturday, the box was up by Rs 10, today it has risen by Rs 15 again. The price of a can of peanut oil has reached Rs 2,500. Cottonseed oil has risen by Rs 25. Prices have risen due to higher demand for oil.

In March, DYCM Nitin Patel's statement on edible oil price hike came against the backdrop of blaming exports abroad for the rise in DYCM's singleum oil prices. Farmers have also directly benefited. Along with seagull oil, the state also produces a large quantity of cotton. And it has also had a direct impact on cotton farmers.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has issued a statement.

Petrol and diesel prices have skyrocketed in the country. Then Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram has given a statement regarding the uncontrolled price of petrol and diesel. Nirmala Sitaram said the government understands the needs of the country, but the matter has created a state of emergency against the government. It is also difficult for the government to reduce taxes during the Koro period. However, he made an indicative statement that the GST Council may consider including petrol-diesel in the GST.

Petrol-diesel prices may go up. Petrol and diesel may become even more expensive in the coming days. The decision was made by OPEC and its allies. The decline in oil production could be extended to April. Now, if the central or state governments do not reduce taxes, petrol-diesel could become more expensive. Fuel demand has reached the previous state of Corona. The futures market has also seen a surge in rising fuel demand. OPEC has made an important decision in the meeting held in Held Online. Saudi Arabia has decided to produce less than 1 million barrels per day. By April, Saudi Arabia will be producing less. Crude oil prices are expected to rise by up to ડ 10 a barrel.

One more blow to inflation

On April 1, the price of LPG gas cylinders went up again in the country. The price of a domestic gas cylinder has gone up by Rs 25. The price of a domestic gas cylinder is Rs 798 instead of Rs 798. Will be found in 823. The price of a commercial gas cylinder has gone up by Rs 95. Commercial gas cylinders cost Rs. 1625 instead of 1530. The increase in gas cylinder price has been implemented from today. The price of a domestic gas cylinder has gone up by Rs 225 in three months. Domestic gas cylinder prices have tripled in February. In February, the price of a cylinder was increased by Rs. On February 1, the price went up by Rs 500 again. The price went up by Rs 25 for the third time on February 25 and doubled in December. It doubled to Rs 50-50 in December.

CNG prices have also gone up

The middle class is worried about rising inflation. Petrol and diesel prices have been steadily rising in the country and in the state, as well as CNG prices, which has upset rickshaw pullers. Members of the Auto Rickshaw Drivers Action Committee have reached the Ahmedabad Collectorate as they are aware of the continuous increase in gas prices. He has approached the Ahmedabad Collectorate to withdraw the hike in CNG prices. And if the price of CNG does not come down in these 10 days, there is a threat of agitation. The life of the country's poor and middle class has become difficult amid inflation. Rising prices of CNG, petrol and diesel are also putting more pressure on the common man to increase fares for motorists. It may be noted that the state has been witnessing an increase in CNG prices for the last several days. Due to which people are facing many difficulties. This inflation is having a direct impact on middle class budgets. The life of the common man is becoming difficult. One by one the prices of necessities skyrocket.

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