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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

In a single day, liquor and beer worth lakhs of rupees were seized from two places in Gujarat

In a single day, liquor and beer worth lakhs of rupees were seized from two places in Gujarat.

Police seized foreign liquor near Gandhidham and Samakhiyali in East Kutch. Police have arrested a truck driver worth Rs 13.51 lakh from a container parked near Samakhiali.

A man named Mamad Aga Soda had ordered foreign liquor and after hiding it, B Division police raided a Muslim Jamaat farm near the wall of Ruchi Soya Company at Mithi Rohar near Gandhidham. The search is a handful.

While GJ6 HU near Ajanta Hotel near Surajbari. 

A thief was making a hole in container number the the news63 A63 container6363 and based on the news of foreign smuggling in Kutch. P.I. Staff including SS Desai raided and seized 9000 bottles of foreign liquor worth Rs 13.51 lakh and 504 tins of beer and arrested truck driver Satpal Singh Rajput from Rajasthan. Police have seized liquor, beer and containers worth Rs 23.57 lakh. Mansukh Chaman, who escaped during the raid, was looking for a hairdresser.

Rajkot: Rajkot city police has vowed to crack down on bootleggers. Rajkot Crime Branch raided 5 different places and seized liquor worth Rs 3 lakh. A division police have seized more than Rs 1 lakh worth of liquor.

Speaking to News18 Gujarati on the whole matter, PI Gavi of Rajkot Crime Branch said that the Crime Branch team had received information that a person named Jayanti Ghoghabhai Sarvaiya had parked Mr. Daru's car in the back seat of the car and in the deck near Malyasan. . . Hari Hotel. A search of the car turned up 132 bottles of alcohol, police said.

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