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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Gift to son / Father of Surat bought land for Chandra for 2 year old son, set this record

Gift to son / Father of Surat bought land for Chandra for 2 year old son, set this record.

There is no human settlement on the moon yet, but many organizations are selling land there. Then a man from Surat has bought land on the moon for his son.

Surat's father bought land for his son on the moon
Buy an acre of land for a two year old child
A child named Nitya became the owner of the land

Many people, including many celebrities, have started buying land on the moon. Now Vijay Kathiria of Surat has claimed to have bought an acre of land on the moon for his two-year-old son. Vijay Kathiria registered on March 13.

Land purchase was approved last day. It has also become a record for buying land at the youngest age. A child named Nitya has become the owner of the land. Proceedings will be conducted in the International Land Register.

Earlier, a trader from Bhavnagar had also bought the land

Javed Gigani, who lives on Gopnath Road in Bhavnagar's Talaja and trades in oil in Anlag, claimed that he bought an acre of land on the moon through an American company. A company called Chandra Landers paid 750D (LR (55,000)) to keep one acre of land.

Land buyer Javed Gigani said news media reported that land on the moon could be bought by a company called Lunar Landers of America. Company information was changed from Google search, and mail was changed for three months. Then faith comes to buy land. The place where he bought the land is called the land of the Muscat area.

Shah Rukh Khan and Sushant Singh also bought land on the moon

Apart from Rajiv, Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput have also bought land on the moon. Land on the Moon is registered by the New York-based Lunar Registry. People including Shah Rukh and Sushant cannot register their ownership on the moon. Companies that are selling land on the moon are not legal.

 Vijay Kathiria registered on March 13
How to sell land on the moon if illegal?

There are many websites claiming to sell land on the moon. However, who really owns the moon? India has signed an international treaty known as the Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits anyone from claiming its share. The agreement has the signatures of 100 countries of the world except India. According to the agreement, any country can use external space for its scientific development.

Actually no website sells land. This website only offers certificates of land sales on the moon. Which is not legally recognized by any country. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. This is just a hobby and a fun activity, in which the land is found only on the certificate, not really.

More use as a gift

Currently there is a trend among people to donate land to the moon. However this is for gifts only. This is how many companies give you your name and also give you its certificates. This is just a gift. You can only get a certificate by spending money on land on the moon or some other celestial object, in fact you get nothing.

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