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Monday, 29 March 2021

In 48 hours, non-seasonal rains are forecast in North, South and Saurashtra

Gariti / Hemchandracharya University, one more revelation of Uttar book scam, answer books changed.

HNGU of Patan The university has come up against the scam response to the failed student pass. A flurry of response has spread against one more scam. MBBS has come up against a first year recession meeting.

  • Cases of students passing wrong in Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University
  • The first year re-evaluation meeting was held at MBBS
  • Pass by changing the answer book of the students

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University has come up with a case of wrongly passing students. MBBS has come up against a first year recession meeting. In which the answer book of the students has been changed and passed. Students have passed in Biochemistry, Anatomy.

Chancellor JJ Vora is suspected of being involved in the reassessment. It has come to light that the main answer scripts of the first year exam have changed. There is a discrepancy in the marks placed after the re-evaluation.

The video went viral in the name of Patan HNGU.

The whole matter related to the chemistry department of North Gujarat University is under discussion. A university alumnus has made a video viral. In this video, it turns out that the blank answer to the subject of physical chemistry was a scam to improve marks in the book. The student is alleged to have passed the MSc Sem 2 Physical Chemistry subject despite the blank answer. Since then, HNGU Many questions have been raised against the Chancellor of the University.

NSUI alleges that 3 MBBS students have passed incorrectly.

NSUI activists have alleged that 3 MBBS students have passed incorrectly. The accused sought an answer from the Chancellor. NSUI activists were outraged by Chancellor JJ Vora's response to the matter. Later, as the season escalated, the Chancellor called for safety and expelled the NSUI activists. NSUI activists marched outside chanting slogans.

CID demands handing over of crime probe: MLA Kirit Patel.

MLA Kirit Patel said 116 notices were filed in the Assembly in the case of Kombhad MBBS student passing. The notice will be accepted by the Speaker of the House and will be debated on March 31. The CID has sought to hand over the crime of investigation for judicial inquiry. There are indications that we will agitate if there is no judicial inquiry. According to the information received, MLA Kirit Patel has asked the Chancellor B.A. 

A complaint has been lodged with the ACB against Prajapati on the issue of corruption in the university. The ACB is currently investigating the whole matter following the complaint.

The entire matter was handed over to Director of Higher Education Bhupendrasinh.

In this regard, a few days ago, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama had said that the state's director of higher education, M.P. Nagarajan has been appointed as the investigating officer. In the year 2018, a two-member committee was appointed for alleged irregularities in re-evaluation at North Gujarat Hemchandracharya University. He has properly investigated the case of alleged malpractice being re-assessed and has given a proper report to the university about who is guilty and what has happened in it. 

The state government has appointed Director of Higher Education and IAS officer Nagarajan as the investigating officer to take appropriate action against the culprits in the case to get the details of the case. The investigating officer will report to the government after proper investigation and study of the report submitted to Nagarajan University which will be found guilty.

It may be mentioned here that a case of irregularity has come up in the examination of North Gujarat University in which allegations were made that there was irregularity in the examination of Medical FY Y MBBS in the year 2016 and then this case was handed over for investigation. It may be noted that in the year 2018, a written application was filed by the executive member alleging irregularities during the re-assessment. 

The report states that the answer books of three students have been altered. The answer book of medical students was changed. MBBS The answer books of 3 first year students were changed.

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