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Friday, 19 March 2021

Corona @ 1 year: A couple of 25,000 people in Rajkot ‘lose mother, drink alcohol, combine sanitizer-cough syrup’.

Corona @ 1 year: A couple of 25,000 people in Rajkot ‘lose mother, drink alcohol, combine sanitizer-cough syrup’.

The District Administration and Psychology Bhavan will start a counseling center at Lockdown.

Phone guidance for mental problems including anxiety, suicide, loneliness, stress.

It has been one year since Corona in Gujarat. Many have been weakened financially, mentally and physically since the lockdown following Corona's entry. While many were also mentally broken. Following which a Psychological Intervention Center had to be started in Rajkot. In which many types of cases came up. From the center, 25,000 people received guidance on mental problems including anxiety, depression, suicide, loneliness, stress, fear of death, phobias, aggression.

‘My husband drinks a mixture of sanitizer and cough syrup’.The phone ring at the Psychological Intervention Center has been started by the Rajkot district administration and ‘Hello you speak from the help center? I would like 5 kg of sugar, 5 kg of choli, dal, chilli, oil. Send soon The chain does not fall because the mother does not get it, the husband has a habit of drinking alcohol and currently does not get anything, so he takes sanitizer and cough syrup. Help was sought for many such mental problems.

People were expressing such problems in the lockdown The chain will not come if the pulp of 135 is not found. Whatever you do, organize the mava. It will only make me stronger mentally. My husband has a habit of drinking alcohol, but at the moment when he can't get anything he drinks a mixture of sanitizer and cough syrup. No one trusts you to help us.

I am currently working as a nurse. I can’t go home because it’s constantly Covid’s duty. But when you get home, the neighbors are very happy and applaud you as Corona Warriors. What do I do? Quit your job or start a job? Nothing is understood.

My sister-in-law and mom bathe my little nephew constantly with hot water because he is so scared of the corona. I'm afraid nothing will happen to my nephew. We constantly drink booze to escape my dad corona. This decoction causes a lot of problems in my body but I am not ready to understand it.

Psychological Counseling Center opened on March 26, 2020 The Corona epidemic has caused an incredible situation in the last one year. With the onset of Corona an unexpected, harrowing and frightening situation put people in an atmosphere of fear. Rajkot District Collector Remya Mohan called a meeting on March 24, with the idea that the mental effects would surpass Corona's physical effects and on March 26, 2020, Dr. Janak Singh Gohil and his team started a joint venture. Psychology building chairpersons, professors, students and government advisors.

Counseling from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. About the counseling process Psychology Bhavan, Saurashtra University President Dr. Dr. Giving details, Jogasan said five different numbers were reached by the Rajkot district administration. People will call at 8 a.m. to solve their problems and sometimes consult until 12 p.m. In a way, everyone from children to the elderly experienced many mental problems. Advised the elderly. In particular, Coro's positive people reached out to her family, home quarantine, facility quarantine, people trapped from home, patients living in harmonious hostels, home, school and college college students and every citizen of the community. Citizen where mental health was required.

People suffer from mental problems rather than physical problems Regarding the problems people are contacting for help on the helpline, Dr. Yogesh said that most of the people were facing mental problems rather than physical problems due to corona. People suffered from mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, suicide, loneliness, stress, compulsive action and thought pressure, fear of death, phobias, sexual dysfunction, aggression, etc. Appropriate advice given by the team.

A form was prepared to know the difficulty of the people On how to solve people's problems in any way, the chairman said that the most necessary but most difficult task in counseling is to know people's problems. A form was prepared. In which all kinds of information was obtained by contacting individuals. Like they have a physical illness ?, Take some kind of medicine ?, Go to bed at night ?, What thoughts and impulses do they feel? Forms of various types of questions were prepared and contacted by the Rajkot Collectorate.

The quarantine of 13 thousand houses was given mental correction 13,000 Home Quarantine and Corona patients were counseled by the Psychological Intervention Center started by the Rajkot District Administration. More than 450 students and 9800 health workers, staff from other states have problems coming to Rajkot, thus more than 25,630 people were given mental correction under the guidance of Rajkot District Call.

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