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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Corona @ 1: Travel and tourism industry Rs. As many as 1,500 situations

Corona @ 1: Travel and tourism industry Rs. As many as 1,500 situations, many young people between the ages of 25 and 35 became unemployed if the difficulty did not increase.

Something like last summer vacation is going on
The case is also being escalated during the Diwali festival Now when this cooperative grows, more talk of location comes up

The state has more than a year of corona and a lot of people are scared of lockdowns and people drain drains. Most people face financial difficulties. At a time when the barriers of some eras and some difficulties ka dhari travel and the condition of the travel industry is also bad. Travel and travel in the last one year is Rs 1500 more travel. Election time is a very crowded situation, around the government, but around the people. Owners of economically disadvantaged travel are furious.

Some travel agents started other troubles
Most travel and travelnostical takes place during Diwali and summer vacations, but the summer vacation that Corona started at the time, which became a fictional event at the time, and this was also the case with the family living in Diwali. People were also afraid of Corona, people went special. About 60 to 70 percent of current businesses are smaller than usual. Some travel agency owners have a Diwali of jobs and other jobs have started.

Carry a percentage of passengers
Many traders involved with travel and travel agencies do not have to compromise to be included in the night curfew. Most travel is overnight, but there is no physics time in the state’s metropolises in curfew and policy situations. In addition, fifty per cent of passengers in Travels are being granted additional f, which is a huge hassle.

If the government does not make the right decision, hundreds of people could lose their jobs In this regard, Malinik Manish Sharma of the travel agency said that in the last one year, there are about 1,500 cases of tourism. Travel owners have a heavy journey from Corona. Surprisingly multiple people are 25 to 35 year olds, like Roger Kaptaad. If the government does not make the right decision in the near future, hundreds could be unemployed. Last year was not going to be a vacation and this year too there was a quick trip to the school study chapter, there were Muslim darshans, people did not participate in the vacation, so this season is also a flop.

 - Divya Bhaskar
People are carrying a whole tank of travel
Kaudishik, manager of Other Travels, said the bookings are housefull every year, but this year's announcement and confirmation of the number of passengers sitting inside the bus. People are also afraid of Corona, so people are taking a big part of the journey. People have difficulty in following every guideline of the government. Appetite is not low there is the effect of adequate chemicals

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