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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Picnic student gets drunk, three friends rape, girl's girlfriend involved

The women's helpline rescued the girl from the clutches of her in-laws

The young woman dared and registered to help the women's helpline

Despite a ban on child marriage in the state, girls between the ages of 15 and 17 are still off marriage in some villages, while in some cases parents try to sell their daughter as money for marriage. It happened in Viramgam taluka of Ahmedabad district. The parents of the 15-year-old daughter took the money and married the daughter at an early age. 1 month later, the young woman boldly enlisted the help of the Women’s Helpline Abhayam. The helpline team rescued the girl from her clutches and also informed the bikeline that child marriage was illegal by sending her to Sakhi One Stop Center.

Parents married against my will: daughter
The women's helpline 181 received a call from a 15-year-old girl from Viramgam taluka that her parents had married against her will and I did not want to live with her in-laws. So the team of women's helpline reached the father-in-law of the village. Talking to the young lady, he said that she is 15 years old. About 1 month ago my parents got married against my will. After the in-laws arrived, the husband and in-laws were arguing and talking. So she enlisted the help of a women's helpline.

The young lady will no longer be with her parentsThe girl, who was advising the women's helpline team, told the in-laws that the girl's parents had taken money from them and got married. The Childline and Dowry Prohibition Officer obtained information about child marriage. The girl was sent to Sakhin Stop Center as she did not want to live with her parents. Childline was approached for legal action against the girl's parents and in-laws.

  • Incoming calls to the helpline number are processed on an immediate basis. - Divya Bhaskar
  • Incoming calls to the helpline number are processed on an immediate basis.
  • More than 300 calls come from all over Gujarat every day

According to officials, more than 300 calls are received every day. The helpline receives an average of 10,000 calls a month from women. Most of the complaints are related to domestic violence. The women's helpline also seeks the help of the police in such cases and makes efforts to end the problem of women.

All calls are processed on an immediate basis
Women suffering from telephonic Romeo also seek help from this helpline. In which Romeo is picked up fast with the help of the police and a police case is made. Asing fees include calls made by Romeo, including victimization, torture, chasing. Incoming calls to the helpline number are processed on an immediate basis.

The woman's identity has been kept secret
Women are helped to make sure their identities are not revealed. In some cases women are mentally handicapped and are considering committing suicide in an attempt to bring such women into the mainstream of society by providing counseling services to women.

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