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Friday, 26 March 2021

No space anywhere? / Hospitals filled with surge in Corona case, Rajkot, Surat Know the condition of Ahmedabad

2190 new cases in 24 hours, Avad-Surat figures are worrisome Corona cases are increasing day by day in the state.

Has become a major tragedy on Egypt. 2 trains collided on the same track.

  • A great tragedy in Egypt
  • The two vehicles collided head-on
  • Death of 32 passengers

According to local sources, the accident left 32 passengers dead and several others injured. The President tweeted condolences to the families of deceased.

Terrible deaths of 32 people

The BJP could make a big difference in Bengal against the shocking results of the ssurvey VIDEO: If a worker suddenly fell at PM Modi's feet on stage, see what he did, the video went viral.

Let us know the important decision of Gujarat Government regarding people coming from Maharashtra Egypt's health ministry says 32 people have been killed and more than 66 seriously injured in a collision between two trains in the northern city of Sohag on Friday. Health ministry officials have arranged for an ambulance to be dispatched to the spot and the injured are being shifted to a nearby hospital with immediate effect, the ministry said in a statement.

Relief work is in full swing

Rescue operations at the scene are in full swing. A passenger trapped under the debris is being pulled out of the train car, according to media reports, Egypt's health minister also arrived at the scene.

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