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Friday, 19 February 2021

Tremors in Gujarat: Today's death toll will be a tweak, with the highest number of 4021 cases reported

Worrying / Corona blast at this school in Gujarat: The decision was taken against 11 cases at once, the locals were shocked.

Worrying situation in December

  • 11 coronavirus cases in the same school
  • Order to close school for one week
  • Corona cases have been reported at Demsa's Ramson Primary School

Gujarat has seen a decline in cases of corona virus, which has led to orders to reopen schools, but it has become more expensive to reopen schools in December.

Two teachers and nine students were infected with corona

Regarding neo-hippies and their global warming, let me tell you. The school has reported 11 cases of corona virus simultaneously. Parents of other students of the school, who are facing several cases at the same time, are slapping their faces.

Home quarantine for students and teachers

The coronavirus report of 9 students and two teachers in this school of Deesa has come positive and since then the system has also been successfully awakened. The school has been closed for a week and students and teachers were sitting at home.

All the above standard classes have been started in the state

The country has been unable to do academic work for months due to the corona virus epidemic and millions of students have been given mass biopsies. Public life is slowly returning to normal as the epidemic subsides. The decision to start the first higher secondary school was taken after the number of cases of corona virus decreased in Gujarat. And gradually other classes are also being allowed to open as usual. Classes 6 to 8 have also started in the state from today while many students have returned to state schools months later.

Special care will be taken for the health of the children

Although the outbreak of the corona virus has subsided, the epidemic is not over. Schools have been ordered to be especially vigilant so that the epidemic does not recur and children do not fall into it. Arrangements are being made to maintain social distance in schools.

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