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Monday, 15 February 2021

Lockdown / Centre's new guideline for the month of May, these states will have lockdown-like conditions

Who is the PSI who saved the CM ?: If this young man had not come on time when the Chief Minister fell from the stage, he would have been knocked down.

The security guard who rescued the CM is a native of Sabarkantha and is the PSI of the SRP.
Only specially selected officers from Chetak Commando are placed in the security of the Chief Minister The Chief Minister was laid to rest on the stage without wasting even a minute.

Veteran leaders of every political party, including the Chief Minister of Gujarat, hold a public meeting before the local body elections. In Vadodara yesterday, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani fell from the stage while delivering a speech. 

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As the CM was falling down on Sunday, a security guard approached him and tried to handle him. This security jawan is a native of Sabarkantha and is a PSI of SRP. He has been given special commando training, which is why he is closest to the Chief Minister and does not fail to behave as per his protocol.

Jawan immediately put the Chief Minister to sleep on the stage DS Chudawat of Sabarkantha had joined the Chief Minister's security during the ongoing election campaign in Vadodara yesterday. In the Nizampura area of ​​Vadodara, when Chief Minister Vijay Rupani was present at a public meeting during the campaign, a commando named DS Chudawat was present behind him.

 While the Chief Minister was giving his speech on the stage, his tongue started sticking out and his guess came to the PSI and he immediately ran near him and put him to sleep directly on the stage without losing even a minute of time. It is to be noted that if the Chief Minister had not been grabbed by the two shoulders by Chudawat, he would have fallen straight down. He could have suffered serious injuries in such a situation. All the security personnel present with Vijay Rupani belong to the security department police and CM security.

The CM moves forward only after getting the green signal of security Every policeman present at CM Security is required to have special training and knowledge of protocol. In addition, most of the commando trainees are kept in CM Security. They also have high security and technical knowledge. When the Chief Minister goes somewhere, his security staff first goes there and checks and corrections are also made as per his suggestion. The CM goes to the spot only after getting the green signal of CM security.

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