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Friday, 5 February 2021

Vadodara: Six months after the Koro epidemic, the state government has reopened schools in the state.

AHMEDABAD: After a 301-day break during the Koro epidemic, schools and colleges started functioning in Gujarat from today. Schools and colleges in the state have been closed to students since March and online education has been launched in the wake of the Corona. However, 

with the claim that Corona has now been brought under control, the government has started a college for Std-10-12 students as well as last year students of the college from today. Schools have been instructed to follow the government's SOP. The temperature of teachers and students at the gate is being checked with a thermal gun.


The parents agreed to send the children

The SOP was declared by the state government regarding the reopening of the school. It clearly stated that the consent of parents is required to send students to school. So the schools asked the parents for their consent to come to the school. Most of the parents agreed to send their children to school. Many schools plan to seat one student on a bench as well as 10 students in a class in schools with smaller classes.


Schools and colleges were closed in March 2020
Let me tell you, in the first phase after Corona's entry into the state from March 2020, the closure of schools and colleges was announced from March 16 to March 29 and the board exams were allowed to be held during this time. 

However, as the cases of Corona continued to rise, the school closure period was extended and the school-colleges were kept closed till the Diwali vacation. The state government then announced to start standard 9-12 schools in the state from November 23. However, after Diwali, the government had to reverse its decision as Corona's cases resurfaced.


Schools also adopted the odd-even method

It has been ordered to follow the guideline given by the government regarding starting schools. According to which, in addition to thermal guns, sanitizers and soap will also have to be provided in schools. 

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Not only this, they are also asked to ensure proper social distance in the class. As a result, schools have adopted the odd-even method instead of calling all the students at once. In which students with odd number will be called to school for 3 days. While even number students will be called to school for 3 days.

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