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Saturday, 6 February 2021

UNO's one and a half wisdom: Advice to exercise restraint in action against farmers

The Government of India was instructed by the Human Rights Office: Find a peaceful solution.

At a time when there is a stalemate between the central government and farmers' organizations over the issue of a new agricultural law, farmers across the country are squabbling. Meanwhile, the UN Human Rights Council has advised the central government to exercise restraint in taking action against farmers in the farmers' movement.

The human rights body emphasizes that the human rights of all people must be protected. Everyone has the right to protest and farmers should have this right without hindrance.
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The UN's human rights body has also suggested that a peaceful solution be found as soon as possible. If that happens then this problem will come to an end and the farmers will also get justice and the government will also be left out. There is an urgent need to find such a solution.

Any action taken in the last few days during the peasant movement and especially in the way of the peasants was nailed down and these pictures and reports on social media went widely viral. Citing all these incidents, the UN human rights body has appealed to the central government to refrain from such negative measures and exercise restraint in dealing with the farmers as every section of the society has the right to protest and have a voice.

The issue should be resolved peacefully by paying serious attention to what the farmers are demanding so that other sections can also be inspired by it and no drastic action needs to be taken.

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