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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Today's Horoscope: According to the Panchag, today is the date of Posh Vad Amas.

Today's Horoscope: According to the Panchag, today is the date of Posh Vad Amas. This day is also known as Mauni Amas. Today there is a special glory of bathing and giving in the holy river. Today the position of the planets is affecting all the zodiac signs.

Aries (A.L.E.): If the problem is not solved today, it would be prudent to be patient. Maintain humility in your nature. Worship Radha-Krishna for happiness and peace in the family.

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Taurus (BVU) Try to stay calm even if you get angry today. Otherwise there will be damage. Workplace stress will decrease.

Gemini (K.C.G.) Do laughter today within limits. Otherwise the other may have to be embarrassed. Everyone in the family will cooperate.

Kirk (D.H.) Spend the day happily. All the work plans will be completed and the catcher will get the result. Take care of everyone to maintain happiness and peace in the home.

Singh (M.T.) Today, those involved in public life or politics have to focus on expanding the network. Be careful that your trusted people are not offended by you. Guests can arrive at the house.

Girls (P.T.N.) can stay in the mood for today's small talk. Work with patience and restraint. The atmosphere in the family will improve and everyone will cooperate.

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Libra (RT) Be careful not to have any kind of dispute with your spouse and friends today. Job seekers can get promotions.

Scorpio (N.Y.) Today the mind will calm down as the negative influence decreases. Planning a trip with the family.

Wealth (B.D.F.D.) will benefit from the old investment today. Can plan for a new deal. The success of the younger members of the family will make the mind happy.

 Capricorn (KJ) will need to reconcile with others today. Disputes with someone in the workplace can get you into trouble. Make a big decision after discussing with the elders of the family.

Aquarius (G.S.S.S.) Go ahead only after planning today. There will be an opportunity to join the journey with the family.

Mean (S.C.Z.Th) Keep yourself updated with today's work. Maintain a balance of savings and expenses, otherwise there will be trouble in the future.

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