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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Whatsapp against the government, the center said - respect the right to privacy, but this information must be given.

These 5 features of the application / government 'message' application, which WhatsApp does not provide.

The country has launched its own messaging app Sands. It is learned that the Indian government has launched its own messaging app WhatsApp.

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  • India's indigenous application to compete with WhatsApp
  • Some of the features of Sands are not even in WhatsApp
  • Data theft is less likely.

Launched by the Government of India, this Sands app has many cool features. The main thing about this app is that data theft from this app is reduced due to the native environment. But with that comes many features in this app that WhatsApp has not yet offered.

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In this application you can make the profile more powerful. That means you can also enter your birthday and business details in the Sands app. This feature is not found in WhatsApp.

You can also connect with friends by mail

Considering the use of the people of the country, you can find many cool features in the Sands app. You don't just have to rely on your mobile number to connect with a friend or relative. You can connect your friends and relatives via the Sands app via email.

You can also login by email

You can login to the Sands app not only with your mobile number but also with your email ID. The good thing about this is that you can run the Sands app on any device.

Chatbot will be ready to help.

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For the last several times, WhatsApp users have been asking for chatbots for any of their problems. The Sands app has already solved this problem for people. If you have a problem with your Sands app, you already have a chatbot to fix it. The chatbot will be ready to help you when you write help.

The LGGout facility is already there

One of the best features of the recently launched Sands app is that you get the option to log out. Which means you can publish it if you want to take a break from the app. WhatsApp is also preparing to bring such a feature but has not started yet.

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