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Friday, 5 February 2021

Tendulkar said, "When cricket returned to the country after the Mumbai attacks, we won against England in Chennai.

Bhaskar Exclusive: Tendulkar said, "When cricket returned to the country after the Mumbai attacks, we won against England in Chennai. I want the same result this time as well."

International cricket is returning to India after 10 months and 26 days due to the Corona epidemic. The first match of the four-Test series between India and England starts in Chennai today. On this occasion, Sachin Tendulkar, the highest run scorer for Team India in the Test against England, had a special conversation with Bhaskar. Read Sachin's answer to Bhaskar's questions.

Question: How interesting will it be to see India play at home again after 10 months?

A: The good news for India is that international cricket is about to resume in the country. I look forward to a good series. When I think back to cricket after a long break, I think of 2008. Cricket was suspended in the country for a while after the Mumbai attacks. When the game came back on track, our match against England was at Chennai. I pray to God that the same result will come this time too. We beat England in 2008.

Question: If you compare India-Australia or India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, where do you rate India-England rivalry?

Ans: Each rivalry has its own significance. We should not forget that we are playing for India. India's name should be high. The home team should play the same game against England as our team did in Australia.

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Question: England are the only team to have beaten Team India in the series in the last decade. So how challenging can this series be?
Ans: Each category is different and should be treated in a new way. What has happened in the past gives confidence or lowers confidence. Currently both teams have won the previous series. 

India have beaten Australia and England have beaten Sri Lanka. The confidence of both teams is good. This is very dangerous when the team is winning. I think both teams will perform well. The balance of the Indian team is better than that of England, but England should not be taken lightly. They have the right mix of experienced and young players.

Question: Sachin, you are the highest run scorer in Test cricket against England. Whenever the England team came to India, they would come up with a new strategy against you. In 2001-02, Nasir Hussain tried the leg side theory against you. Will such a strategy be seen against Virat or Rohit this time?

Ans: Every international team plans against the top batsman of the opposing team. Every effort is made to stop the good batsman. The England team will come on the field with full planning from their side.

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He must have tried to devise a strategy against all the Indian batsmen. Our batsmen should try to make a big score and a long partnership if it is set. Test cricket runs session by session. Both teams will be looking to win the crucial session. Which team will be planning will be known as soon as the match starts. Although it is important to plan, it is important to plan ahead.

Question: Who will dominate in this Test series - batsmen or spinners? Can fast bowlers do wonders in Indian conditions?

Ans: Batsmen and spinners will dominate in this series. Fast bowlers depend on how much reverse swing they achieve. Reverse swings from 15 overs to 55 overs are lethal. Between 55-60 overs and 80 overs the ball becomes soft, so the batsman has a little more time to adjust against the reverse swing.

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Question: Day-night third Test match to be held in Motera? Will 36 all-outs dominate the minds of Indian players before they get into this match? The Adelaide Test was also a day-night.
Ans: Condition has an effect in day-night test. Often the ball moves more after the lights are turned on. If the grass is cold in the evening, it also has an effect. 

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