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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

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Supreme Court orders: Prohibition of demolition of INS Virat in Alang, Bhavnagar, application to convert the ship into a museum.


INS Virat in Alang, Bhavnagar banned from demolition, application to convert ship to museum | India, National - Divya Bhaskar


INS Virat in Alang, Bhavnagar banned from demolition, application to convert ship to museum | India, National - Divya Bhaskar

At present the warship is kept intact: Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court has banned the breaking of the warship INS Virat, which has retired from the Army. The court said that it should be kept as it is now. The court has also issued notices to the buyers. The petition filed in the Supreme Court said that one group wanted to protect it for the future and the buyer was offered Rs 100 crore.

Application to the Supreme Court to convert the ship into a museum

The petitioner has said that it should be converted into a museum rather than demolished. The aircraft, capable of flying aircraft, was inducted into the Indian Navy in 1987. He was drafted from the Navy in 2017. A group then bought it at auction for Rs 38.54 crore. The ship was later sent to the Alang shipbreaking yard in Gujarat. Now the Supreme Court has banned it from breaking.

The Maharashtra government sent a proposal to the Center to protect Virat

In December last year, the Maharashtra government sent a proposal to the Center to protect the ship INS Virat, which had retired. Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi had written a letter to the Defense Ministry on the matter. The Ministry of Defense had sought NOC for this. Chaturvedi said Maharashtra would be happy to defend this historic warship. He said that it was a matter of great sorrow and concern that the work of transforming INS Virat into a wreckage has already started in Alang, Gujarat.

 - Divya Bhaskar

Found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records

India's historic warship, which served as the longest-serving warship in 56 years, was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The INS Virat came to Alang Anchor Point in Bhavnagar to be dismantled. INS Virat was served by the Indian Navy for 30 years. INS Virat has served in the UK for 26 years and in India for 30 years i.e. 56 years. For three decades INS Virat ruled the seas and was the pride of Virat Desh, who retired on March 6, 2017.

The wires were sent and tied up after the ship ran aground

Plot No. 9 of INS Virat Alang Ship-Breaking Yard has now been reached. The operation was carried out by pulling the ship slowly by tug. According to shipbuilding expert Purvajit Singh Sarvaiya, who is involved in the ship's beeching process, INS Virat was pulled to the plot by Tug Singh Cheetah from Anchorage Point. The ship has been tied up by sending wires from shore after the ship went ashore in the afternoon.

 - Divya Bhaskar

Played an important role during the Kargil period

INS Virat was bought in an online auction by Shri Ram Group of Industries at Alang Ship-Breaking Yard for Rs 38.54 crore. It was tied to a tug from Mumbai and brought to Alang Anchor Point. The 18,000 tonne LDT warship was built in 1959. The warship joined the Indian Navy in 1987. Whether it was Sri Lanka, the attack on Parliament or Kargil, INS Virat played an important role at that time.

About Rs 12 crore was taxed for Virat

INS Virat has a width of 49 meters and a length of 225 meters. INS Virat is the largest naval ship to arrive at Alang for wreck. Earlier, a warship from the United Kingdom and New Zealand was also wrecked at Alang. Shriram Group bought it for Rs 38.54 crore. Approximately 12 crore taxes including customs, SGST, IGST boarded by GPCB were then paid at Alang Anchor Point. People had been locked up since this morning that if Virat came to land, INS Virat, who was standing 8 to 10 nautical miles away, would be tied up with a tug after 10 am and slowly brought to Plant No. 9 and 4-5 nautical miles away from the sea. Plot No. 9 of the yard was brought up by pulling a 31-foot high tide.

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