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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Insurance scheme completed by the Central Government On the one hand, another wave of Corona is spreading rapidly in the country, on the other hand, the central government has withdrawn the insurance scheme available to Corona Warriors.

Statement / Petrol crosses Rs 100, what is the government doing: PM Modi shows plan.

Petrol price crossed Rs 100 for the first time in the country on Wednesday, meanwhile PM Modi made an important statement on the issue.


For the first time in the country, the price of petrol has gone up by Rs 100

PM Modi said previous governments had not paid attention to the dependence on energy imports

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Ethanol obtained from sugarcane will help reduce imports: PM Modi

Petrol price crossed Rs 100 for the first time in the country on Wednesday after rising fuel prices for the ninth day in a row. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if the previous governments had paid attention to the dependence on energy imports, the middle class would not have faced such a problem. Without mentioning the steady rise in fuel prices, he said that in 2019-20, India imported 85 per cent oil and 53 per cent gas to meet its domestic demand.

 Reducing energy dependence on imports is your collective duty

After inaugurating the Ramanathapuram-Thuthukudi section of the Ennor-Thiruvallur-Bengaluru-Puducherry-Nagapattinam-Madurai-Tuticorin natural gas pipeline in Tamil Nadu, the Prime Minister said, "Should we stay on imports?" I don't want to criticize anyone but I must say that if we had paid attention to this subject, our middle class would not have had this problem. It is our collective duty to work towards clean and green energy resources and reduce energy dependence. '

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How can imports be reduced?

Petrol price in the country today crossed Rs 100 per liter, in Rajasthan, the price of petrol hit a century and in Madhya Pradesh it is close to crossing this mark. Importantly, oil prices are based on international prices. The Prime Minister said his government is sensitive to the plight of the middle class and India is now focusing on ethanol to help farmers and consumers.

He said the extraction of ethanol from sugarcane would help reduce these imports and also give farmers an option of income. Modi said the government was focusing on renewable energy sources and would produce 40 per cent of the country's energy by 2030. He said, ‘About 6.52 million tonnes of petroleum products have been exported. This number is expected to increase further. Our companies have invested abroad to acquire quality oil and gas assets.

Emphasis needs to be placed on oil and gas infrastructure

PM Modi said that the government has spent Rs 5 lakh crore on construction of oil and gas infrastructure in five years. 7.5 lakh crore and plans are afoot to expand the city's gas distribution network to cover 470 districts. The Prime Minister said the government was working to increase the share of natural gas in the current energy sector from 6.3 per cent to 15 per cent.

What is this project?

The project will help utilize gas from the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's gas fields and make natural gas available to industries and other commercial consumers. The construction of the sulfur free gasoline unit has cost around Rs 500 crore. It is a unit of 8 ppm and is designed to produce less sulfur than ecofriendly gasoline. It will also help reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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