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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Say goodbye to the Kaliyugi world in 40 hours: The treatment of a 3.5 kg head girl was possible

Say goodbye to the Kaliyugi world in 40 hours: The treatment of a 3.5 kg head girl was possible, neither the father nor the government paid attention.

An unusual baby girl born 2 days ago (Saturday) at Arani Sadar Hospital in Bihar said goodbye 40 hours after seeing this Kali Yuga world. She was in a condition to survive, but neither the father nor the government nor the social workers took note. Bhaskar Digital reported the baby's condition to the government just an hour and a half after it was born, but no one took it seriously.

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The father gave in writing - he will be responsible if anything happens.

The girl had hydrocephalus. I.e. the head was filled with water. As a result, the head of a girl weighing 5 kg 225 gm weighed about 3.5 kg. The girl's condition was critical from birth, so doctors referred her to Patna. However, the girl's father Sushil made it clear that he did not have the money and was not in a position to undergo further treatment. He informed the hospital in writing that the baby would be kept here, he would be responsible if anything happened.

Sushil, who lives in Arana Shahpur, runs a salon. This was their 5th daughter. Sushil and others in his household were also unhappy with the girl's treatment.

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Water could have been removed from the girl's head by surgery Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey, who looks after the baby at Arani Sadar Hospital, says that water can be removed from the brain through shunt surgery. It costs millions of rupees. There is no such operation anywhere in Bhojpur. This type of surgery can only be performed in large hospitals.

The Civil Surgeon said- It is difficult to save such children Civil Surgeon LP Zha, on the other hand, says the girl's head was big. It is difficult to save a child in these circumstances, as not all of their systems work properly. This is the case with hydrocephalus, in which it is difficult for a child to survive. He can live as long as he has the capacity after birth.

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