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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Rahul Gandhi arrives in Surat, welcomed at the airport by leaders including Amit Chavda and Paresh Dhanani Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has arrived in Surat on a visit.

Rahul's statement in Assam: In Modi Raj you get Rs 167 a day, while Gujarati traders get tea gardens; CM Rupani said- this is an insult to Gujaratis.

Rahul said that if anyone tried to touch the Assam agreement or spread hatred, the Congress party and the people of Assam would work together to teach them a lesson.
Rahul wore a scarf with NO CAA written on it.

Rahul wore a scarf with NO CAA written on it.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was on a tour of Assam on Sunday. Here he has given a statement about Gujarat while addressing a public meeting. Whose dark repercussions have come. Rahul Gandhi said that those who work in tea gardens in Assam get a daily wage of Rs 167, while in the Modi government, Gujarat traders get only tea gardens. Rahul Gandhi promised that if our government comes to Assam, we will give Rs 365 daily wage to the workers. This money will come from Gujarat traders. Responding to Rahul's statement, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that the statement showed his and the Congress party's hatred towards Gujaratis. This is an insult to Gujarat. Gujarati Congress Party will give the answer.

He attacked Modi-Shah again in Shivsagar district and we used two slogans. Rahul and the rest of the Congress leaders were seen on stage wearing scarves with "NO CAA" written on them. Rahul Gandhi said, "We listen to each other, whatever happens, but CAA will not happen here."

Exactly one week ago, Narendra Modi also visited Assam. He held a meeting in Sonitpur and said that our government has made progress. The previous government did not understand the difficulties of Assam. He also talked about the laborers working in the tea garden and said that the T-workers here are being defamed. Every Indian who drinks Assamese tea will respond to those who do so.

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