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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Chhattisgarh: Naxals release CRPF Cobra Commando Rakeshwar Singh, wife thanks govt

Puducherry Congress Netrasunti Sarkar Live: CM Narayanasmi resigns after credible place, he says we have been betrayed at the Center

The Union Territory of Puducherry has a Kale Karna-led government. Leading V. Narayanasamy cannot prove a majority on Monday and he can go on a tour of the planet with his legislators. "Try to get the government together with former LG Kiran Bedi and opponents of the Center," he said in a special adjective. If we had an MLA, the government would last for five years.

"We are forming a government with the support of Vimok and independent MLAs," Narayanasmithi said. After a while we observe many elections. We record wins in all sub-contracts. One thing is for sure, the people of Puducherry believe in killing.

6 The sign of the MLA's resignation is in the dark The main Krishna Vidyanastri Vidhanotsav is held for the floor test. Four Congress MLAs recently resigned following the death of Sankalp Wadlo. Then the government to prove a majority state-to-state Tamil Nadu.

A day earlier on Sunday, Congress and the alliance confirmed, the daughter of the arrested resignation, then came the alternate time of the Narayan government. In a meeting held on Sunday a long time ago, the party and the party leader met on the issue of Chief Minister Narayanamina.

Rahul's visit is also going on What is special is that Congress veteran Rahul Gandhi visited the state for two days amid political unrest, but remained close to one party. The term of the government here ends on June 8th. The state is scheduled to hold assembly elections in April this year. No date.

Earlier these 4 MLAs had insisted on resignation
1. a. John Kumar, Congress
2. N. N. Massim, Congress
3. Malladi Krishna Rao, Congress
4. e. Peypanthan, Congress

On Sunday, 2 MLAs resigned
That. Kelakamindrai, Congress
6.K. Venkatesan, DMK

3 Payment just before the legislature
In addition, Congress MLA N. Final payment is made in Namasvivam and Thapayanthan situation. The information of the President, the remaining leader may also be period.

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