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Monday, 15 February 2021

Politician: 4 women doctor candidates in Rajkot, leaving apron and wearing BJP scarf, trying to please voters instead of treatment.

Politician: 4 women doctor candidates in Rajkot, leaving apron and wearing BJP scarf, trying to please voters instead of treatment.

BJP has given tickets to 4 doctors in Rajkot Manpa choices this time. Well known gynecologists of RajkotDr. Darshana Pandya,Dr. Meghavi Sindhav, Dr.Darshita Shah and Dr. Rajeshri Dodia have entered the election field. presently, 4 women croaker campaigners are campaigning roundly to win choices by going door to door to seek votes from instead rather of treating cases in their area. The four women croakers are moving towards the determination to give a good education to the society and to advance the youngish generation with good knowledge and education. He has left the overall and is wearing a BJP scarf. 

Dr. Darshan Pandya is a well known gynecologist and he has been known in Rajkot for times as a specialist in all gynecological treatments. He's querying from Ward No. 8 in this election and is campaigning in a flood tide of enthusiasm.Dr." I'll give further significance to education," said Darshana Pandya. 

Dr. Darshita Shah Well known MD (Pathologist) 

Darshita Shah is a well given MD and has been serving as a Adviser Pathologist at Newburgh Laboratory for numerous times. He's querying from WardNo. 2 in this election and is expressing confidence of palm in the crusade. It may be mentioned that he was also tagged from WardNo. 2 last term and came a corporator. Also, during his first two and a partial time term, he has done a veritably good job as Deputy Mayor. 

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People drinking Dr. Meghavi Sindhav. 

Dr. Meghavi Sindhav Dentist 

Dr. Meghavi Sindhav is a well known dentist and he's the youthful seeker in this time's choices. He's 26 times old. He's known in Rajkot as a doctor in all dental treatments. He's querying from WardNo. 15 in this election and is campaigning hard to break the Congress fort and is confident of victory. 

Dr. Meghavi Sindhav went out in the crusade. 

Dr. Meghavi Sindhav went out in the crusade. 


First I'll fulfill my responsibility as 

a corporator-Dr. Meghavi Sindhav 

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Dr. Meghavi Sindhve said that I'm 26 times old and I'm a dentist. I'm querying from wardno. 15 of Rajkot. I'll give precedence to education. It's veritably important to talk about getting education to the children of common people in wardno. 15. The alternate problem is drawing, so I will work on it. Speaking of Rajkot, we need to work on education andcleanliness.However, do not forget my responsibility and I'll also fulfill my duty as a dentist, but my first precedence will be as a corporator, If I come a corporator. 

 Dr. Rajeshri Dodia Dentist 

Dr. Rajshreeben Kishorebhai Dodia is also a well known dentist." I'm 29 times old," he said. I served in the Corona epidemic, so the party has given me a chance to hail my service. I'm querying in wardno. 10. I'll take full responsibility with pride as a corporator and going forward I'll work as a legionnaire. I'll put further emphasis on the business problem in my ward. The construction work has been done veritably well, but I want to punctuate the business problem.

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