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Monday, 8 February 2021

Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol-diesel prices rise again today, find out how much the price reached on Valentine's Day.

Petrol-diesel prices rise again Petrol-diesel prices were hiked by 35 paise today Petrol-diesel prices at highest levels in Delhi and Mumbai Petrol-diesel prices have been hiked again. 

Today, petrol-diesel prices have been hiked by 34 to 35 paise. Petrol and diesel prices have reached record highs in Delhi and Mumbai.

In Mumbai, the price of petrol has reached Rs 93.83. In Delhi, petrol is priced at Rs 87.30 and diesel at Rs 77.48. In Kolkata, petrol is priced at Rs 88.63 and diesel at Rs 81.06. In Mumbai, petrol is priced at Rs 93.83 and diesel at Rs 84.36 and in Chennai, petrol is priced at Rs 82.66 and diesel at Rs 89.70.

Oil companies on Tuesday hiked petrol-diesel prices again after three days of peace. Petrol-diesel prices have been hiked by 35-35 paise per liter. In Delhi, petrol has reached a record high of Rs 87.30 a liter.

Not even a relief in the budget

The government is not ready to give any relief on petrol-diesel. However, the government has also imposed agri-infra cess on petrol-diesel in the budget. However, the government has said it will reduce the excise duty to offset the cess and will not affect consumers. But the price of petrol-diesel has been steadily rising.

In some cities, petrol has gone up to Rs 90 and it looks like it will soon go up to Rs 100. The main reason why petrol is being sold at such a high price of about Rs 29 is that people are paying around Rs 53 as tax.

The central government imposes excise duty on petrol and diesel and the state government levies VAT. While in some places the price of petrol goes up due to transport and local body tax.

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