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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Painful / At 1000 feet the husband threw down after taking a selfie with the wife, knowingly shaking.

 Painful / At 1000 feet the husband threw down after taking a selfie with the wife, knowingly shaking.

In the couple seen in the picture, your hair will stand on end knowing what the husband did to the wife after clicking this photo, the woman seen in the photo is seven months pregnant.

  • The woman in the picture shows a seven-month-old baby in her womb
  • Husband and wife spent hours at the beautiful place
  • The reason for what the husband did to the wife is shocking
  • Knowing the reason for the push will make the brain dizzy

The husband spent hours in the beautiful Butterfly Valley with his wife taking very selfies. A seven-month-old baby was being born in the wife's womb at a time when the husband was returning to a beautiful place with his wife. But when the husband spends hours with his wife and after taking a selfie at an altitude of 1000 feet, he pushes his wife out of there and knowing the reason for pushing her will make your brain spin.

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Tragic death of a pregnant woman

Due to this madness of the husband, the woman died with her unborn child. Hakan Aysal, 40, a resident of the southeastern Turkish city of Mugla, went on a holiday in the Butterfly Valley with his wife, Semra Aisal. Meanwhile, the couple was taking a selfie on a cliff. While taking the selfie, Hakan pushed his wife Semra from a height of 1000 feet. In which Semra died a tragic death.

Husband arrested

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Husband Hakan has been arrested following this move. The reason behind his move is also annoying. Haka had insured his wife a few days ago. His nominee in insurance was Hakan. According to the condition, if Semra dies in an accident, Hakan will get a claim of 40,000 lira (Turkish currency) as a nominee. The case is now in court and lawyers claim Hakan stayed there for hours to make sure no one was watching him.

The family members of the deceased also made shocking allegations

The husband claimed Rs 40,000 lira (about Rs 42 lakh) from the insurance company after pushing his wife to death from a height of 1000 feet but his claim has been denied in the investigation. Hakan has been sentenced to life in prison by a Turkish local court. On the other hand, the family members of the deceased have revealed that Haka has also taken three loans in the name of his wife. Although Semra was afraid of heights, you were taken to such a height with the intention of killing you.

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