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Monday, 15 February 2021

ISRO is set to launch Brazilian satellites Amazonia-1 and three Indian satellites / payloads from the PSLV-C51 rocket on February 28.

ISRO is set to launch Brazilian satellites Amazonia-1 and three Indian satellites / payloads from the PSLV-C51 rocket on February 28. All three Indian satellites have been developed by Indian startups. His names are Anand, Satish Dhawan Satellite and Unity Set. Satish Dhawan Satellite has been created by a startup called Space Kids India. It also includes the Bhagwad Gita, a photo and name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The CEO of Space Kids India, Dr. "Startups like ours should be given a chance," Case said. So we asked for a lot of people's names. We have approximately 25 thousand names, out of which 1000 names are from outside India.

 Now this name will go into space via satellite. It has Prime Minister Modi's name and photo on the top panel of the satellite. This is the first time that people's names are going into space in an Indian private company's satellite.

Dr. Satish Dhawan will study the radiation in the satellite space, the case said. Will study magnetic elements and place Prime Minister Narendra Modi's self-reliant India in space. PM Modi's self-reliant India mission has given companies like us the opportunity to work with ISRO in the space industries. So we are sending them into space by saying thanks and putting their picture and name in the satellite in their honor. The SD set is a nano satellite that will launch PSLV-C51 on February 28 from Mr. Harikota.

Dr. "Many space missions carry Bibles with them, so we have decided to send a picture of Bhagwad Gita and PM Modi to the satellite," Case said. He also said that his satellite promotes self-reliance as it has been developed entirely by India. However, some changes have been made to it by ISRO.


Digital drive was launched Space Kids India launched a digital drive to send its name into space. After filling in the form, people would get the boarding pass of this mission. The name belonged to the person filling the form but the photo and details belonged to the mission. The way his name is written on PM Narendra Modi's boarding pass but the photo is of Satish Dhawan. The company has filled PM Modi's form on his behalf.

Entry of private companies for the first time in ISRO.

Anand Satellite was created by a startup called PiXXel based in Bengaluru. While the Unity set is made up of a combination of three satellites. This mission of ISRO is considered important as it is launching the first commercial private remote sensing satellite Anand with PSLV-C51. Pixel says it plans to launch 30 such satellites into Indian space by 2023. For the first time in its 50-year history, ISRO has opened its Satellite Center to private companies. This will be the first time that people from a private company or academy will launch their satellite at the UR Rao Satellite Center in Bengaluru. ISRO has currently approved two satellites. One of them belongs to a private company and the other to students.

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