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Friday, 19 February 2021

Indian Army gets 100th Vajra-9 cannon.

Indian Army gets 100th Vajra-9 cannon. Army Chief General M.M. Narvane gave him a green light in Surat and enlisted him in the army. The cannon, manufactured by Larsen & Toubro, is manufactured in India.

The Bofors Howitzer has been incorporated into the Army with the latest technology and the 100th most powerful Howitzer. This howitzer does not have to be towed by truck. It can target enemies for up to 40 kilometers and then change its location, 

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so the technology has been used in such a way that it does not come at the target of the enemies. Weighing 50 tons, this cannon can rotate at zero radians, meaning it does not need space to rotate. This is the first cannon to be manufactured in the private sector.

80% parts of a cannon that fires 3 rounds up to 40 km in 30 seconds are made in India The K Vajra-9 Howitzer uses more than 80 per cent Indian-made spare parts. While 50 per cent of the different technologies are made in India, using 13,000 small and large parts, manufactured by different companies in Gujarat, 

Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. A team of five defense manufacturing units was trained by Hanwawa Automation in South Korea by a team of L&T Weapon Systems experts.

Indigenous trial guns in tanks The tank also uses a trial gun developed in India, which gave birth to the version K Vajra-9 tank. The tank has been designed keeping in view the needs of the Indian Army. Environmental control and safety are taken care of.

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