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Friday, 12 February 2021

Find out the true history of Valentine's Day - Find out who Mr. Valentine was

Find out the true history of Valentine's Day -

Find out who Mr. Valentine was. Became a saint in Europe at the beginning of the fifth century The name was Valentine.

These saints became Romans within Europe and at that time Romans The king was Claudius, very cruel and terrifying his cruelty And the cases of terrorism are rife in the history of Europe Claudius says that brother we are from great Europe We are the carriers of the culture in which only by making the wife a concubine It is foolish to give him the status of wife This became Valentine in the kingdom of Claudius and he went to the village He used to go around the village and say that brother should get married Stay with the wife.

Valentine studied Indian literature and From Indian literature he realized that of a wife In how pleasant it is to be together, to be with a woman (complication) There are no complications and there are diseases Less common is venereal disease Less happens to them about all these marriage benefits Obtaining information from Indian literature and this of India How did he get the literature?

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India's trade at that time was in Africa and Europe Gone in the early fifth and fourth centuries In the end Valentine got the literature of India and that He studied literature and realized that India He abounded in Rome if the family arrangement is such Preached and Valentine became famous for getting married.

If he went, he was going to give lectures Giving and explaining to people what to get married What are the benefits of having sex after marriage There are advantages and Claudius was annoyed by this and said It was our great tradition not to get married .....

When too much Claudius got angry with him Ordered Valentine to be hanged and Then the king could give any order and the king's The words that came out of the mouth were considered the law And accordingly, Claudius on February 17, 8 Valentine was hanged and that's what happened Everyone who married Valentine was sad.

And they all came together and hanged up to 150 in Europe If the tradition of giving was in the open field, Claudius did Gather all the people and hang Valentine in front of them His disciples were very sad when he was given Celebrating Valentine's Day in their grief since Valentine's Day in Europe from the day it started Are observed.

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