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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Election zeal: The ghostly working vitality in the number of travel wards.1 Party flag on a 50 feet high mobile tower

Election zeal: The ghostly working vitality in the number of travel wards.1 

Party flag on a 50 feet high mobile tower.

Rajkot 9 hours ago
As soon as the video went viral, many beautiful people came to mind
We have watched the video and cannot investigate

As the local body elections are approaching, the BJP-Congress frenzy is on the rise. Both sides are doing new tricks in the campaign every day. Candidates for victory have become frantic. At that time, a video of a BJP worker calling the election obsession or insanity went viral near Lakh's bungalow in Ward No. 1 of the city. In which a BJP worker does not even leave the mobile tower in campaigning. A 50-foot-high mobile tower is seen hoisting a life-threatening party flag.

The video went viral, raising questions in people's minds
As soon as this video went viral, many questions arose in the minds of the people. People are saying, what does the BJP want to show by campaigning in this way? It is the responsibility of the workers to work hard in the elections but the propaganda should not be done in a way that endangers lives.

યુવાન જીવના જોખમે મોબાઇલના ટાવર પર ચડી ગયો.
યુવાન જીવના જોખમે મોબાઇલના ટાવર પર ચડી ગયો.

We are investigating- city BJP president

"We have seen the video and are investigating who the activist is and who asked him to hoist the party flag in this manner," DivyaBhaskar told Rajkot city BJP president Kamlesh Mirani. As well as other activists have been instructed not to campaign in this way.

Congress candidates went out in campaign today with bicycles

Petrol-diesel prices are constantly rising in the country. At that time, unique propaganda is being seen in the local self-government elections. Congress candidates from Rajkot Municipal Corporation's Ward No. 7 campaigned on bicycles today. On the other hand, the BJP candidates from Ward No. 3 went out to campaign with the party's symbol, the lotus flower.

શહેર પ્રમુખ તપાસ કરી રહ્યાં છે.
શહેર પ્રમુખ તપાસ કરી રહ્યાં છે.

Unique campaign of BJP candidates in Rajkot city

The Rajkot Manpani election is being campaigned by political parties. In ward no. 3 of Rajkot, the stronghold of the Congress, a unique campaign of BJP candidates has been witnessed. In Rajkot's Ward No. 3, BJP candidates today went on a campaign with lotus in their hands. In Rajkot Ward No. 3, people have been voting for Panja i.e. Congress for years and Congress candidates have been coming for election in this ward for years. So this time BJP candidates Narendrasinh Jadeja, Babubhai Udhareja, Alpaben Dave and Kusumben Tekwani have adopted a special new method. In which they are holding a lotus in their hands and appealing to the people to vote for the lotus.

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