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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Do you think You will immediately say what kind of question do you ask, even if you are good at thinking?

Do you think You will immediately say what kind of question do you ask, even if you are good at thinking? Let me ask you a more basic question: How many thoughts do you have in a day? You would say that countless ideas keep coming. Have such a question? Let me ask you an even more basic question, what do you think? So you might be confused that this is an absurd question, let's think about it. Also, have you ever thought about the idea? If you think about the idea, you will understand that most people do not know how to think. Most people have a very limited number of ideas. 

The idea that day and night surrounds the mind is not actually thoughts, but only the currents of the mind in which the vortex of one's thoughts is created and, the answer to the third question, most people do not think, they think uncontrollably. It does not control the psychopaths that keep coming. Now let's try to understand the idea by thinking.

Most of our beliefs about thought are wrong. Man feels that he is constantly thinking, his mind is not free from thoughts. This belief is because the human mind is constantly moving, it never stops. Its currents do not stop. He keeps doing something about different subjects. This is the work of the mind and the mind does its work super. 

He does not fall in love, because it is not his nature to fall in love. There is no such thing as a software system called Mann. This is because the mind receives hundreds of inputs continuously through the senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch etc. and the mind keeps on analyzing the inputs. Ever wondered how many inputs the mind would get in a second when you were on the road? Countless. Your eye will see many people, vehicles, friends, etc. together. 

The information of all these objects reaches the mind and it is also analyzed in real time. That is why if a familiar face suddenly appears in the crowd, you recognize him, not only that, in a moment all the information you know about that person is refreshed in your memory. On the road you see something unusual that immediately draws your attention to it. While all this is going on, the ears continue to analyze the different sounds that are being transmitted to the mind, the information of smell and touch is being transmitted and the conclusion is being drawn, as well as the movement of your limbs with the vehicle you are driving. 

Yes, if the engine of the vehicle is depressed or there is a tweak, the mind takes into consideration and at that time there are also thoughts about the work you are going for. With a map of the road you are going on in mind, you can proceed on the right path. All of this happens in one second, every second. Apart from this, there is a lot of work that the mind keeps doing. This is a picture of a second state of mind. This is normal work of the mind and the mind keeps doing it automatically. It does not require any skill, any effort, any effort. The human mind is trained to do all this. The only catch here is Dear Reader. Training. This training only makes it easier and creates the same problem.

Our point was that most people do not know how to think. Most of the time people do not think for themselves, the mind keeps thinking in its own way and that is why man has no control over thoughts. Covering every aspect of a matter and thinking about the long-term and short-term effects of the outcome and the after-effects situation and the remedies and ways to deal with the situation. It is true that the mind does all this, but in its own way, as much as it comes, as much as it loves. It does little, it doesn't take long to get there. If man tries, he can cultivate the mind and think about every aspect thoroughly. For this man has to establish his own control over the mind and force the mind to think every aspect in every situation. As a chess player thinks of the next move and the next three or four moves (thousands of probabilities while thinking of the next four moves)

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