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Monday, 15 February 2021

Mini lockdown unlocked: All religious places in the state will be open from June 11, hotel seating will start with 50 per cent capacity, gardens and gym will open.

Corona's positive results: Retired ST bus turned into a revolving corporate hospital; Diagnosis-treatment will be done in the hinterland.

The idea came from the leisure of lockdown time and S.T. The mechanics of the workshop were amazing Diagnosis, treatment can be done by going to areas where there is no primary health center, even use like ambulance If the state government approves, ST will prepare a maximum of 300 multipurpose medical vans.

The Corona epidemic in the past year has pointed to many needs that the world has hardly thought of before. A similar need arose for a mobile hospital. A hospital that can reach any area of ​​the state with medical supplies including doctors, assistant staff, essential medicines and oxygen cylinders, check patients and also has a contactless system to prevent the possibility of infection to drivers, doctors, nursing staff. ST by Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) The bus has been modified to be a mobile dispensary cum ambulance. This mobile clinic will provide high quality health services in remote areas where health centers are lacking.

The idea came in the leisure of lockdown
S.T. According to NB Sisodia, an official of the workshop, the work of making new buses in the workshop was stopped during the lockdown. It was during this time that the 14 mechanics of the workshop came up with the idea of ​​doing something about the challenges facing Covid during the epidemic and began the work of building a multipurpose medical van. As the work progressed, improvements were made and the van was ready in a month and a half. Since most of the material for modification was in the workshop, there was no major cost. However, this type of bus can be built at an estimated cost of Rs 4 to 5 lakh. In the coming days, the officials of the corporation will also make a presentation of the bus before the state government. More such buses will be ready if the green light is given.

Rotating clinic
The mechanics of the Gujarat Transport Department's workshop at Naroda in Ahmedabad have developed a special type of bus, which can be used as an ambulance as well as a mobile clinic. The bus was developed on an experimental basis at GSRTC's largest workshop in Asia, which is different from the usual ambulance and multipurpose medical van type. During the Corona period, there was an urgent need for health-related needs, including a large demand for hospitals and ambulances. This medical van will be very useful mainly in small villages and inland areas.

Hospital-like facilities
An ambulance usually has a single bed and its main role is to transport critically ill patients to the hospital. In front of it, this multipurpose medical van can conduct medical examination, diagnosis and treatment of the patient on the spot. A patient in need of oxygen can be given a life donation by providing an immediate oxygen supply. The peculiarity of this bus is that the vehicle has AC and, although the corporation has 3 beds in the ready multipurpose medical van, as well as at home, the same type of indoor AC has been installed. The peculiarity of this bus is that a separate seating arrangement has been arranged for the doctor, so that the patient and the doctor do not come in direct contact. For this, a partition has been kept between the doctor and the patient. There is also a partition between the two beds. Entry-exit is also different for doctor and patient. The driver compartment is also partitioned. The Corporation is also conducting basic training programs for drivers and conductors for first aid, which will make this multipurpose medical van more useful and effective.

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