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Saturday, 20 February 2021

After another dam / petrol-diesel price hike on the public, now the price of CNG has gone up, find out how much it has gone up.

Benefits / Central Government's big announcement: Money will be transferred online to the accounts of millions of farmers in the country.The central government is coming up with a new scheme for farmers in which intermediaries will not be able to eat the money and the money will credited directly to the farmers' accounts.

  • The money will be transferred to the farmers' account
  • Intermediaries raise money
  • More benefits to farmers in Punjab and Haryana

The Center has said that it will transfer money online to farmers in Punjab and Haryana next season. Most of the farmers who have been encroaching on the border of the national capital Delhi for the last few months are from Punjab and Haryana. Wheat is cultivated mainly in Punjab and Haryana.Government agencies buy crops through MSPs in both regions. However they get a separate commission for this decision. Farmers are then paid but now the government wants the money to go directly to the farmers' accounts so it will consider the so-called online money transfer facility.

Jobs in Uttar Pradesh said the impact of MSP payments in Punjab and Haryana would be felt by every farmer. The way grain is sold in Haryana and Punjab, it becomes necessary to pay.

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While the government is focusing on electrification of vehicles, the central government is introducing new schemes to promote the use of electric vehicles.

The Modi government is now preparing to reduce its dependence on petrol and diesel, now it will launch electric tractors in the country. The announcement was made by Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari himself. Today, Nitin Gadkari said at the launch of the 'Go Electric' campaign that the government would launch electric tractors in the country in the next 15 days. He also spoke of making the use of electric vehicles mandatory for officials of all government ministries and departments.

The government should subsidize this matter: Nitin Gadkari

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Ahmedabad Live / A large number of people are coming to vote, BJP-Congress leaders also arrived.

Gadkari also suggested that the government should subsidize the purchase of electric appliances instead of supporting the purchase of LPG in households. Gadkari suggested that the use of electric vehicles should be made mandatory for all government officials.Importantly, Nitin Gadkari recently launched the country's first CNG-powered tractor. This is a diesel tractor that has been converted to CNG. This is the first tractor of its kind in the country. The tractor belongs to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who has been converted to CNG. The government claims that the use of these tractors can reduce the price of tractors by 55 per cent in general.

However, when talking about the electric tractor, no information has been shared about the technical features associated with this tractor. Today, Nitin Gadkari said that the electric tractor will be launched at the launch of the 'Go Electric' campaign and will become a fully electric tractor. 

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