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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Patient languishes for two hours for treatment at Kovid Care Center in Rajkot, ambulance driver pumps on chest, finally dies

Another heartbreaking incident in Uttar Pradesh:

The heart-wrenching incident in Unnao district of the state has shocked the people.

Three cousins ​​were found unconscious with their hands and feet tied. Death of two; A serious one: UP's politics is hot again

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In Uttar Pradesh, another mysterious incident of atrocities against women has come to light in which a niece and a cousin were found handcuffed and strangled. Two of the three have died. The condition of one is being considered serious. The incident has caused a stir in Uttar Pradesh. 

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In this incident, 13 to 17 year old girls of the same family were found unconscious from the farm. Two of the three died while a third teenager was languishing in a hospital. The mysterious thing is that the hands and feet of the three teenagers were tied and strangled. White fluid was found in the mouth. Police sources, however, said that no traces of injuries were found on the body of any of the three girls and it is suspected that they had ingested or ingested poison.

Senior officials, including the IG, rushed to the spot on learning of the incident. Six teams have been formed for the investigation. The incident has heated up on politics. An investigation has also been launched by the police in the direction of honor killing and the family members have also been questioned.

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