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Friday, 5 February 2021

Achievement: Brilliant tailoring Ahmedabad Laptop provided by student Nirve neighbor Discovering asteroids with help, NASA also achieved Applause

After losing his father at an early age, he got a B.Sc. The economic deficits also faded in the face of the ongoing fervor.

Through a guided education program run by NASA for talented students from around the world, Nirve identified the meteorite and obtained a NASA certificate.

One more Gujarati student has refuted the permanent belief that Gujarat students are indifferent to basic science and research. Nirav Vaghela, who is studying in the second year of Geology at MG Science College, Ahmedabad, has identified one of the many meteors floating in space. 

The meteorite he identified will now be extensively researched by NASA. Interestingly, even though the family's financial situation is modest, Nirve has achieved this by using a laptop provided by a neighbor.

Completed the difficult task in two months Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a subsidiary of NASA, a US space agency, offers talented students from around the world the opportunity to do astronomy research. Given this opportunity twice a year, NASA challenges students to identify meteorites appearing in space images taken by itself. Students have to study the space based on the pictures and provide details including the size, shape, type of formation, location in space of the meteorite.

 NASA is conducting special research after the meteorite's identity became clear. The main purpose of this research is to find out whether meteorites are harmful to the earth. Nirvana completed this task in just two months.

How did you accomplish this task?

He analyzed more than 200 images provided by NASA.

Unidentified meteorites have been given symbolic names. Nirvana chose an asteroid named PPGUpj from the images he received for the study.

He closely monitored all the images with the help of digital image processing software for two consecutive months and prepared a chart detailing them.

He provided the information he received to NASA in a fixed format, which NASA accepted. Not only that, he was also given a certificate for successfully completing this task.

Nirav is an example of going to Malwa if you have a mind.

Nirav provides a very interesting example against the belief that sophisticated facilities or resources are required for higher studies or research. Her father died when she was in 7th grade. From a very young age, he had the responsibility of caring for his mother and sister. From an early age, he helped his mother with household chores. After entering college, he was trying to increase his income by working as a data entry operator in a private company. He had an interest in science, but did not have the ability to acquire expensive equipment or resources. 

However, due to his passion for research and study, he did not let a single lack get in the way. He has done this research with the help of a laptop given to him by a neighbor. Prior to NASA certification, it has conducted about 20 certificate courses for research conducted by ISRO for students. Seeing Nirav's passion, now his three friends have also become interested in astronomical research.

You can also do such research, ask Nirvana ...

Nirav says that a student living in any corner of Gujarat can take part in such astronomical research and hone his skills. Giving tips to Divya Bhaskar's student readers on how to participate in such research, he said that.
Go The website 👇
NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab website has a section inviting Mars mission and brilliant students from around the world for research.

According to NASA, 4,60,712 bright and enthusiastic students from around the world are conducting various astronomical research through this department.

NASA provides the data and other details required for the research. In addition, Q&A sessions with global astronomy experts are very informative and useful. A new window of research under the Mars mission is opening from February 18. Interested students can participate.

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