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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

A farmer from Bhiwandi has bought a helicopter to sell milk. This sounds weird, but it's true. Janardhan Bhoir,

A farmer from Bhiwandi has bought a helicopter to sell milk. This sounds weird, but it's true. Janardhan Bhoir, who runs a dairy business in Bhiwandi, has to travel to different parts of the country for his business. So he has bought a helicopter for Rs 30 crore to save time.

Helicopters were brought to his village for the trial on Sunday. Bhoir himself did not sit in it and seated the winning members in the gram panchayat. Janardhan Bhoir is said to have assets worth over Rs 100 crore.

That's why Janardhan bought a helicopter.

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Janardhan Bhoir is currently testing this helicopter. Janardhan owns a real estate business as well as milk and farming. He often has to travel from west to east for his work. Due to the lack of flight facilities in many places, he wastes a lot of time, after which he bought a helicopter on the advice of a friend.

Helipad built near the house
Janardhan says he often has to travel to Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and the eastern states for his dairy business. Janardhan Bhoir has built a helipad for helicopters near his home. Preparations are also underway to build a pilot room and a technician room. “My helicopter is due for delivery on March 15, I have a 2.5 acre site where I will build a round bar and other items for the helicopter,” he said.

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Bhiwandi is home to many big businessmen

In fact, there are godowns of many big companies in Bhiwandi area so that people get good rent. Bhiwandi area will see all the expensive cars of the country. Let us understand this in such a way that the Cadillac car in the convoy of the President of the United States was first purchased not in Mumbai but from the Bhiwandi area. Janardhan Bhoir also has many godowns, and so he is making a lot of money.

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