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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Women will get Rs 25,000 subsidy on buying two-wheelers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called on the late Tamil Nadu leader J. Launched a subsidized scooter scheme for working women on the occasion of Jayalalithaa's 70th birth anniversary.

It was inaugurated in the presence of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu K Palaniswami and his Deputy O Pannisselvam.

The scheme with 50 per cent subsidy component, Rs. PM Modi started 25,000 for working women who handed over keys and copies of registration certificates to five women beneficiaries.

He also launched a campaign to plant 0 lakh trees to commemorate Mrs. Jayalalithaa's birthday.
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Beneficiaries include women working in private, accountants, salespersons and assistants in private stores.

While handing over the keys, PM Modi exchanged a few words with the beneficiaries.

In his address, Shri Palaniswami requested Prime Minister Modi to take steps for the establishment of Kaveri Management Board and Kaveri Water Regulation Committee as directed by the Supreme Court.

He said 70 lakh saplings would be planted throughout the year and recently thanked the Prime Minister for praising the ancient language Tamil.

The Chief Minister also recalled several welfare initiatives and freebie schemes launched by Jayalalithaa.

These include 'Thalikaku Thangam', (Gold for Women's Mangalsutra) free for female beneficiaries, milking cows and goats, free computer for students and new colleges for upliftment of rural students.

Welcoming PM Modi, Shri Pannirselvam said that the Prime Minister is boldly leading India.

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