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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Will school close Agian in India Government Clearance

Ask the PDB for any notice from the Ministry of Krishna Not disclosed. Goes viral on social media
Edit pics and open it claims social media Were moving. 

 There are schools in different states Notably, schools and colleges around Mahakrishna Has been closed and teaching for months Not said. Now the corona virus is reduced Participated in all states Schools have begun to open. In the new years Decreased rainfall of corona virus in 17 states
Schools have been evacuated.

Also in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Mizoram this week Schools like Rajasthan yesterday Trial level schools and several states The university has also been started. Social on the one hand where Schoshly is on the other Various information in the media goes viral. Price this The information is now classified by the government.

On the one hand the country has started a war against the corona virus, on the other hand rumors are spreading very fast on social media. The number of coronavirus cases in India has been steadily declining.

Schools are opening in different states of the country. Rumors are circulating on social media that schools have been ordered to reopen in several states as cases of corona virus continue to decline in India and a nationwide vaccination campaign against the epidemic has been launched.

It is being claimed that the Home Ministry has again ordered the closure of schools, after which the issue has now been clarified by the government.

The Press Information Bureau has denied the claim, which is going viral on social media. False claims are being made on social media that schools and colleges across the country are being closed again. After which the government has clarified the issue.

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The PIB said no such notice has been issued by the home ministry. Images that have gone viral on social media have been edited and such false claims have been circulating on social media. It is noteworthy that schools and colleges across the country were closed due to the epidemic and teaching could not take place for months due to the epidemic. However, coronavirus cases are now declining,

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Schools are slowly opening up in many states. Schools have opened in 17 states in the new year due to a drop in corona virus cases. Schools have also opened this week in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Mizoram while in states like Rajasthan, schools are slowly opening on a trial level and universities have also started in many states. 

On the one hand where schools are opening up on the other hand various information on social media is going viral. However this information has now been clarified by the government.

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