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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Things to keep in mind before issuing a school leaving certificate

Things to consider before issuing a school leaving certificate To be given within (seven) days of receipt of application. (Provision of penalty in first primary school Irregularity Rs. 10,000 / - and other irregularities Rs. 5,000 / -. Five times Cancellation if done) Just like the age note. Not typed but handwritten with ink. (Grant no.3.3) In which language should the school leaving certificate be issued?

L.C. in Gujarati medium of primary school in Gujarati. Providing LC English in primary school English medium. Both LC Gujarati and English in Gujarati medium in secondary and higher secondary school Giving in language.

L.C. in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school. Things to keep in mind when writing a school leaving certificate:

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Sala chhodyanu pramanpatr aapta pahela dhyanma rakhva jevi babato

The principal has a duplicate L.C. Has the absolute right to issue. Duplicate LC can only be given to the student or his / her guardian. Whether to issue a duplicate LC is at the discretion of the principal. Get the right ground to issue a duplicate LC and proceed as per the rule by the principal Duplicate LC can be given. 

(Application affidavit and other grounds on Rs.100 stamp) Not a rule for duplicate LCs but only for duplicate LCs. The third time L.C.

Decode: – The decode operation is used to interpret instructions, that is, the CPU will see which operation will perform on which instructions.

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It is also called duplicate LC. Giving student LC for the first time for free. Rs.5 (five) can be taken for each subsequent time. Write the summary of the LC or the date of the LC on the cardboard of the LC book. (So ​​that no L.C. Abuse can be prevented.)

When admitting students, check the LC immediately or any of their columns Not empty. Details signed, not cluttered. Etc. and correct immediately if an error is found To return Not admitting a student to school without an LC. Do not confess in the hope of meeting the LC.

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