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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Lock your Aadhaar card in such a way that no one can misuse it.

Lock your Aadhaar card in such a way that no one can misuse it.

For Indians, the Aadhaar card is the most important when it comes to documents. There are many things you can't do without an Aadhaar card. Click Your Support Recognition is being sought everywhere today. Aadhaar card is also required to create your bank account and passport.

There is security tension if Aadhaar card is misused. So let me tell you that you can lock your Aadhaar card and security so that you can lock biometric data at home for which you can adopt both online and offline flight.

By clicking on your Aadhaar card knowing that you can lock its Aadhaar by following its steps.


 First, go to the Aadhaar Card website at


Then click on Support Services from the three options. You will have the option to unlock the lock.


 Clicking on the option will open a new link. You must enter your Aadhaar number and security code as soon as the link is opened. After which you will be sent OTP on mobile. Your account will be logged in by entering OTP.


Then you have to enter your code and click Enable. As soon as you click you will get the message ‘Congratulations! Your biometrics are locked. Repeat this process to unlock the process You will need to repeat the above steps to unlock your support. After locking your Aadhaar card you will have the option to enable and disable when you enter the security code and click on it. Your data will be unlocked.

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