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Friday, 15 January 2021

If you want a job now, call the Chief Minister directly and you will get the job the next day

As a result of this new initiative, the state or the nation District through any youth call center Communicated directly with the employment office
Will be able to get information as per requirement.

1 to 2 digits after dialing this number Regarding the services of the employment offices by pressing And candidate counselor by pressing 9 marks Will be able to communicate directly with. The dialog ends Employment to the candidate through SMS Office details will also be received. The call About 6 counselors from all over the state in the center Will provide services. 

The youth of the state own Aptitude, strengths, aptitude and personality Choose a career or service according to the characteristics For the noble purpose of the state government.The youth of the state sat at home through the employment bridge Just dialed a number 7-8-50-50 Of employment available in the private and public sectors Will be able to get information. Any of the state Including the services of the district employment office All kinds of study oriented, employment oriented And self-employment related financial / resource Will also be able to get information about assistance.

 15 m January to 9th January 2021 Celebrate the online recruitment fair fortnight Is doing.

Now if you want a job, go straight Call the CM and another Jobs will be found on the day With the blessings of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani Employment bridge 'as well as' online recruitment Mela Pakhwadia 'was launched Is. This was done by the state government Innovative initiatives for the youth of the state All the information will be available at the fingertips Said the Director of Employment and Training.

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