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Saturday, 9 January 2021

If you also use a one-on-one mask then read this

If you also use one mask after another, read this: Everyone's life has changed a lot since Koro entered the world, but everyone in our lives has worn the mask of general change. There are some misconceptions about masks but according to one study it is safer not to wear masks.

Read this if you also use one-one non-one mask
Read this if you also use a one-to-one mask
Contrary to a new study about masks The same mask is healthier to wear frequently Study - It is safer not to wear a mask Research what happened Research has shown that if the mask is new, it can trap small and nice particles, but as the mask gets bigger, the mask cannot trap the particles.

According to a study published in the journal Physics Fleeds, researchers say that the longer a mask is worn, the worse it gets. Wearing a mask changes the air pressure around a person's face.

SBI's big decision, from now on even the common man can easily get a 'home of the house'.

Safe not to wear a mask The co-author of the study said that it is better not to wear a mask than to wear a mask, because the old mask does not block the particles, but the virus on it helps to enter your body.

This mask should be worn People around the world are advised to wear three-layer masks. Some doctors recommend wearing an N95 mask but not everyone can afford it because it is expensive.

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