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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Epidemic / Corona relief in Gujarat, 4251 cases reported today but worries remain

Vaccination against corona is starting across the country on January 16 in India. Two days ago, the Ministry of Health sent a fact sheet to all the states about the two vaccines used in vaccination - Covexin and Covishield. 

In which it is stated who will be vaccinated and who will not. Also caution and possible side effects are explained in detail.

According to the factsheet, who will be vaccinated and who will not?


Age: Vaccination is only for people over 18 years of age. People younger than this will not be vaccinated.

Corona positive: If a person is corona positive or suspected, they should not be vaccinated at that time. If a person is corona positive and has been given a monoclonal antibody or convulsant plasma, he or she should not be vaccinated.

Pregnant women: Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not be vaccinated. The fact sheet of the companies says that even if the pregnancy is being planned, the vaccination will be done only after consulting a doctor.

Allergic history: A person will not be vaccinated if they have a history of allergies to a vaccine or a substance used in a vaccine, or to a food or pharma product. The final decision will be made only after consulting a doctor.

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Sick person: If a person is sick and hospitalized due to another illness, he or she will not be vaccinated. Whatever the reason for hospitalization.

Chronic Illness: People who have a chronic illness and a fatal disease can also be vaccinated. Patients with a weakened immune system can also be vaccinated with HIV or people with a weakened immune system. The factsheet states that the effect of the vaccine may be less in these people.

Brand: The second dose will be the same as the first dose of the vaccine. That is, if the first dose is given by Kovishield, then the second dose will also have to be given.

Caution: All people who have bleeding problems, platelet disorders, blood clots should be vaccinated with caution.

Storage: Both vaccines should be stored between 2 C and 8 C. Must be protected from heat. If the dose is frozen it will have to be destroyed.

What kind of side effects can occur?

Serious side effects: Bharat Biotech claims that no serious side effects were encountered during the Phase-1 and Phase-2 trials. Phase-3 trials are underway on 25,800 volunteers. Drugs such as chloroquine and corticosteroids used in Covid-19 clinical management may affect the antibody response.

Different side effects and treatment are reported for both vaccines


Mild side effects: Pain, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, fever, dizziness or joint pain where the injection is given. The usual painkiller paracetamol will provide relief.

Serious side effects: The body's nerves are protected by a layer called myelin. This is similar to a network of electric wires, which send a message to the brain. Damage to myelin is called demyelinating disorder. It can happen. This is why vaccinators need to be careful. Also, people with platelet-related disorders are advised to be careful.


Mild side effects: where the injection is given. There is pain, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, abdominal pain, vomiting, weakness, fever, sweating, chills, cough and swelling at the injection site.

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