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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Best android app to test your eyes eye Q vision

Best android app to test your eyes eye Q vision

With this eye q vision test, you can test your vision at home easily and totally free!

Visual acuity

Especially in vision problems, the visual acuity test is a regular part of the Q Vision examination of the eye. At a young age, these vision problems can often be corrected or improved. Impaired or untreated eye vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss.

Color combination

Check if your color is blind.


The Amsler grid is also a grid of horizontal and transformation lines used to investigate vision problems caused by changes in the retina, especially the mucosa as well as the optic nerve.


Age-related muscular degeneration is a progressive eye condition that affects millions of people.


Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve of the eye and can result in loss of vision. It can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Control the sensation

The contrast sensitivity test checks for the ability to distinguish between light and dark.

L nd endilt c

Landoltt C is the standard optotype for measuring intensity in most European countries.


This test is a standard visual acuity test for people who cannot read the Roman alphabet.


Asymmetry is a visual condition that causes blurred vision or makes it difficult to see microscopic information up close or at a distance.


This test is used to determine if you are short-sighted.

Strip test oak

An official test to test your vision for specific eye Q vision problems.

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Red tortue

The icoptic nerve is sensitive to red, so when it is
 damaged, red objects appear pale, washed, or pale

This is the best eyesight test app for android because all types of eye test are included in it. You can check your eyes by reading the boards with alphabets or numbers and can know whether you feel the difficulty to see the distant or close objects. This vision test app also checks your color blindness, grid recognition and glaucoma test along with providing you the general information about eyes.


Eye exam truly informs you about the health of your eyes and tells you whether there is problem in your right or left eye. You can select the test types based

on symbols, kid’s pictures and English alphabets so you do not feel difficulty to identify the objects. This vision test app displays the things randomly to test your eyes in multiple angles. You can also see the statistics to measure the visual acuity.


This vision test app is very much helpful because it checks your eyes from all the possible ways and enables you to quickly detect the problems in your eyes. You can test the visual acuity, color blindness and astigmatism etc. This vision test app also allows you to quickly find the eye specialist and get the eye tips to improve your eyesight.


This vision test app shows you the charts based on alphabets written in big or small letters and lets you to check your near or distant visual capabilities. With this app, you can also know about your color blindness issues. For checking your eyes, the app offers 12 type of tests.


This app is different from the above vision test apps for android because it only checks your color blindness and allows you to recognize the numbers written in the crowded circle of colors. If you become successful to read the numbers then your color vision is absolutely perfect otherwise immediately consult the doctor.



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I have tested all the above eyesight test apps for android and thank God my eyesight is well because I daily take the eye exercises and stay up to date with health information. Do you have ever taken the eye exercises and try any of the above eyesight test app? Tell the Newzoogle in the comments.

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