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Friday, 11 December 2020

Excellent Technology :: G :: All types of radio stations touch green anywhere

 Excellent Technology :: G :: All types of radio stations touch green anywhere

The means of transmitting money is transmitted through telephone lines or frequency waves transmitting tapes. With the current development of digital techno evolution, the means of communication nowadays apply to many independent types of satisfactory distribution. In our time you will be able to get various tuning in new types of data lines like before Sanatan.

Analog radio

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The two most common types of new analog media of communication are: AM and FM. Analog telephone lines usually carry only one transmitter and an A.S. In the U.S. Position or known as FM post, but in such places it is possible to destroy the mutual transmitter or give more than one transmitter casing special feed. Area.

Digital radio

Four common worldwide for digital data line systems: IBOC, DAB, ISDB and DRM. Each part has a lot in common with each other.


A theater company called IBQT Digital Corporation, with an urban IBOC and a quiet trademark reputation, continues to control HD radio. Introduced in 2003 for systematic exercise, it is available in the U.S. Currently available in 2,000 U.S. S.M. And FM Place today is the IBOC digital telephone line by the Armed Forces.


U.S. And is also branded as Eureka 147 in the UK. As a digital medium in the stomach, IBOC There is also a parallel gain announcement. But in its composition it has changed deeply. Recently, better styles of DABB, DAB + and Spot IP have been celebrated, which is also industrial.


Especially for Japan in 2003, the ISDB TSB is also a digital broadcasting system for the multi-course Air Force. It is done by the transmission frequency in the VHF band at this time. The rare face of ISDB TSB is that even in digital data line i.e. parallel television ISDB is connected to digital TV channels.

Excellent Technol :: G :: All types of radio stations touch green anywhere

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With the trademark reputation of IBQT Digital Corporation, HD Radio, industrial IBOC and Subdu, it continues to gain traction. Introduced in 2003 for a general habit.

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